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Voice, Piano, and  Ukulele  Lessons

Why Take Singing Lessons?

  • Smooth your vocal "breaks"

  • Extend your range up or down

  • Develop your "belt range" (and do it safely)

  • Learn to sing longer without fatigue

  • Improve your ability to sing harmonies

  • Learn a new style or genre of music: jazz, pop, r&b...

  • Your voice teacher makes awesome cookies


What about  Piano Lessons?

  • You get to "be" the entire orchestra!

  • Since it's linear, it's easy to make the connection between the keyboard and written sheet music

  • Hundreds of years' worth of teaching methods mean "the right method" for almost everybody

  • A great instrument to start on - even for little fingers!

  • Play all your favorite songs

  • Your piano teacher makes awesome cookies

Anything Else?

Why, yes! I also teach ukulele 

  • A great "first string" instrument for smaller hands (either kids or grownups!)

  • Introduces the concepts of frets and chord voicings

  • Easy-to-learn songs that everyone will know

In addition, you can get performance coachings, audition prep, learn a particular song for a special occasion, work on your band-leading skills and how to run a rehearsal, improve your sight reading and ear training, and many other skills!

If you looked at any of this and thought "Well, yeah! That sounds great!" (with or without the exclamation points), then Julia is the teacher for you!

My rates are reasonable, my schedule is flexible, and I DO make awesome cookies - and I'm willing to share them, too! Contact me for information or to book lessons, or visit our new studio's webpage to find out more about us!

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